A. (Hauptartikel Christlich Lehre) oder (Confessio oder Bekantnus des Glaubens, etlicher Fu?rsten vnd Stedte Vberantwort Keiserlicher Maiestat, auff dem Reichstag, gehalten zu Augspurg, Anno 1530) ? bound with B. Zwo Hochzeit Predigten. Ein Hochzeit pred

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Author: MELANCHTON, PHILIPPE, Justus Jonas - LUTHER Martin.
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A. Wittemberg 1536, durch Georgen Rhaw (Colophon). In-4o, VII+CCCXVII ff. No title page, the book starts with "Dem durchlauchtigsten hochgeborenen Fuersten..., the first and 4th leaf are blanc, wood engraved initials, light damp-stamp on some pages. Unable to trace any copy of this edition, the most similar one seems to be the 1540 edition with the same names. B. Wittemberg, Hans Lufft 1536. , XXVIII ff, 1 bl. Sign. A-F? G² H?, the G3 and G4 are missing but the sign follows .Wood engraved title with Christ as good shepherd and initials at the four corners ML, PM, II, IB and CC in the middle (M.Luther, Ph. Melanchthon, J. Jonas, J. Bugenhagen and C. Cruciger - the second wedding was celebrated for him-). Wood decorated initials. Rare. Benzing, Luther 2965. Contemp. full vellum binding, morocco title piece with guilt lettering 'P. Melacthtonis hauptartikel chr. Lehre", coloured edges.

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