International Adjudications, Ancient and Modern. History and documents, together with mediatorial reports, advisory opinions, and the decisions of domestic commissions, on international claims. Modern Series Volumes I-VI. Ancient series vol. II.

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Author: Moore John Bassett (editor)
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New York, Oxford Univ. Press, 1929-1933, 1936. 6 +1 vol. in-8vo. Illustr. with maps and tables. Vol. 1 and 2. Saint Croiz River arbitration: Mixed commission under Article V of the treaty between Great Britain and the U.S. of Nov. 19th, 1794. Vol. 3. Arbitration of claims for compensation for losses and damages resulting from lawful impediments to the recovery of pre-war debts. Vol. 4. Neutral rights and neutral duties: Arbitration under Jay Treaty (1794) Article 7. Vol. 5. Spanish spoliations (1795); French indemnity (1803); French indemnity (1831) Vol. 6. Title to islands in Bay of Fundy and Passamaquoddy Bay, Treaty of Ghent (1814) Article 4. More than 3500 thousand pages with fac-similes and folding maps. First edition in editors cloth, morocco spine titles. Library stamps on the title and on the back. Clean copies.

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